Pachamama Paris

Pachamama Club Paris is situated in the heart of Paris, blending elements of Parisian elegance with the vibrancy of South American culture. Here is everything you need to know about Pachamama Club:

  • The club’s interior design is notable for its elaborate decor featuring rich, thematic elements that create a distinctive atmosphere.
  • Musically, Pachamama offers a wide array of genres, with a schedule that includes live Latin bands and DJs known for playing a variety of genres, from salsa to electronic music.
  • The clientele at Pachamama is varied, encompassing both Paris locals and international tourists. The mix of people can lead to a vibrant social scene, although the experience can greatly depend on the specific crowd each evening.
  • Regarding its dress code, Pachamama enforces a smart casual policy. While it’s not overly strict, it’s a good idea to dress to impress.


Pachamama Paris is a club that draws inspiration from South American culture, aiming to offer an immersive experience reflective of the continent’s spirit and vibrancy. The atmosphere of the club is designed to captivate visitors with its unique blend of Parisian elegance and the lively, festive spirit of South America. The club is nestled in a historic 19th-century building attributed to Gustave Eiffel, which adds to its charm and allure.


  • Prime Location: The club is located in the heart of Paris, within walking distance from Place de la Bastille, offering easy access to one of the city's most vibrant areas
  • South American Theme: Inspired by the soul of South America, Pachamama offers a cultural fusion that brings the continent's vibrant spirit to Paris, with decor and ambiance reflecting this theme​
  • Multiple Floors: The club spans across four floors, each offering a different experience, from the Latino-inspired Ballroom to the enchanting Patio and the Downtown smoking room​


The club attracts a diverse crowd, including both locals and tourists, who are interested in experiencing a fusion of cultures in a vibrant setting. The audience at Pachamama is typically comprised of individuals looking for a sophisticated nightlife experience, with a penchant for South American culture and music. It’s a place frequented by those who appreciate a luxurious ambiance, quality music, and the opportunity to socialize in a dynamic environment.


A mix of Latin tunes to electronic. In general, the music at Pachamama is a reflection of its South American influence, with a focus on genres that resonate with the lively, energetic vibes of the continent. 

Admission Details

Tickets Price Include

  • Access to the Event: Entry to Pachamama for the duration of the event you're attending.
  • Stay Duration: Freedom to enjoy the venue's offerings from opening to closing time on the day of your event.
  • VIP Options: For those booking VIP tables, this includes fast-tracked entrance, a reserved area, and the table minimum spend credited towards your bottle service.

Tickets Price Excludes:

  • Drink Prices: Individual drink purchases are separate from the entry fee, requiring additional payment.
  • VIP Table Service: The cost of VIP table or bottle service is not covered in the standard ticket price and involves additional charges for exclusive benefits.
  • Parking: No parking fees are included in the ticket price, with parking availability subject to nearby facilities.
  • Transport: The ticket does not cover transportation to or from Pachamama Paris, which must be arranged independently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Pachamama located?

Pachamama is located at 46-48 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris, France, within walking distance from Place de la Bastille

What type of music can I expect at Pachamama?

The club features a variety of music styles, from Latin tunes to electronic,

Is there a dress code for Pachamama Paris?

Pachamama dress code is smart, almost formal attire required.

  • Near Place de la Bastille
  • Thursday 20:00 - 04:30, Friday and Saturday 20:00 - 05:00,
  • A Parisian dinner-club inspired by South America, featuring multiple floors with distinct atmospheres, including a restaurant, bars, and dance floors​
  • Diverse crowd, including both locals and tourists
  • A mix of Latin to electronic music
  • Smart, almost formal attire required
  • Accessible by Parisian public transport, with proximity to Place de la Bastille
  • Available nearby, but it's advisable to use public transportation or taxi
  • Year-round destination
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