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KOKO London – the iconic nightclub and premier events venue. Here is everything you need to know about  KokoLondon:

  • The club is located in the heart of Camden, in 1a Camden High St, (NW1 7RE).
  • KOKO in Londra, formerly known as Camden Palace, is a nightclub that has firmly established itself as one of London’s premier live music venues.
  • With multiple floors, numerous bars, several breakout dance floors, and a significant stage, KOKO caters to a wide array of musical tastes and crowds, making it a hotspot for party-goers and music enthusiasts alike.
  • The venue’s unique setup, originally a theatre, creates a distinct and engaging environment for live music and dancing​.


Originally known as Camden Palace, KOKO has undergone various transformations since its inception as a theatre. It is renowned for its eclectic mix of music, hosting everything from indie and alternative to disco, hip hop, rock, and drum and bass. The club boasts live gigs and performances every night, featuring a range of artists and DJs, catering to a broad audience.
Dress code is open, encouraging guests to express their individual styles, from punk and goth to mainstream trendy outfits​.


The ambiance and clientele vary depending on the event. From the young and wild crowdsto a slightly older, yet equally vibrant audience, KOKO promises an unpretentious, fun, and loud atmosphere. The venue’s unique semi-circle multi-level format adds to the excitement, making it a hub for live music and energetic party-goers.


KOKO’s music policy is diverse, with a focus on danceable tunes ranging from cheesy rock classics to the latest indie hits. It is highly regarded in the London rock and metal scene for its forward-thinking band bookings, cementing its reputation as a premier live music venue

Admission Details

Tickets Price Include

  • Access to the Event: With a Standard Ticket, you can enter the party from the door opening until the end of the event.
  • Stay Duration: Once inside, you can stay until the end of the event, regardless of the ticket type.
  • VIP Options: If you book a VIP table, it includes entry through the VIP access, a private table

Tickets Price Excludes

  • Drink Prices: Drinks are not usually included in the ticket price.
  • VIP Table Service: While entry is granted, VIP table service and bottle service are not included and must be booked and paid for separately​
  • Parking: There's no mention of parking being included with ticket purchase.
  • Transport: No transport to and from the venue is included in the ticket price.
Where is KOKO located?

KOKO is located at 1A Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE, in the vibrant Camden area

What types of music can I expect at KOKO?

KOKO hosts a wide range of music genres, including indie, alternative, rock, electronic, R&B, and hip-hop, catering to diverse musical tastes

Is there a dress code for KOKO?

While KOKO encourages individual expression, specific events may have their own dress code requirements. It’s best to check the event details for any dress code information​

What are the opening times for KOKO?

Opening times vary depending on the event. Many events start from 10 PM, but it’s essential to check the specific event listings on KOKO’s official website for accurate times​

Are there any age restrictions for entering KOKO?

Yes, KOKO generally imposes an age restriction of 18+ for its events. Valid photo ID may be required for entry

Does KOKO have VIP options?

Yes, KOKO offers VIP table and bottle service for an exclusive experience.

How do I get to KOKO?

KOKO is accessible via public transportation, with the nearest tube stations being Mornington Crescent and Camden Town. Public transport or taxis are recommended due to limited parking in the vicinity

Can I book KOKO for a private event?

Yes, KOKO’s venue is available for hire for various events, including corporate events, private parties, and more.

  • A Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE
  • Event-dependent, with many starting from 10 PM.
  • Night club & live music
  • The ambiance and clientele vary depending on the event
  • A diverse range, primarily indie, alternative, rock, and electronic genres, alongside special nights featuring R&B, Hip Hop, and more.
  • Varies by event, ranging from free entry before certain hour to 10-20£ or higher for certain events.
  • Dress code is open, encouraging guests to express their individual styles, from punk and goth to mainstream trendy outfits​. 
  • Nearest tube stations are Mornington Crescent and Camden Town, offering easy access. Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road are accessible but a bit further away. Public transportation or taxi is recommended.
  • Limited in the vicinity. It's advisable to use public transportation or a taxi
  • Year-round destination
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