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Room 4 Resistance (R4R) is a queer, female-forward collective in Berlin that focuses on creating inclusive and safer spaces in the nightlife scene. Established in 2014, R4R is dedicated to supporting underrepresented artists and fostering a diverse community through its vibrant club nights and cultural events. The collective is known for its political activism, bringing attention to social issues and advocating for the rights of marginalized groups within the dance music community. R4R events are known for their inclusive atmosphere, high-energy music, and community-building efforts.


  • Location: Various venues, including Trauma Bar Und Kino and Tresor Berlin
  • Opening Hours: Typically late-night events, often starting around 11 PM and continuing into the early morning hours
  • Venue Type: Nightclub and event series
  • Atmosphere & Crowd: Inclusive, diverse, LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Music: A mix of techno, house, gqom, and various electronic subgenres
  • Admission Fee: Generally ranges from €10 to €20 depending on the event
  • Drinks Cost: Approximately €3-€5 for a beer, €8-€12 for a cocktail
  • Dress Code: Casual and expressive; be yourself and respect others
  • Parking: Limited parking available; public transport recommended
  • How to Get There: Easily accessible by public transport (varies by venue)
  • Best Season: Year-round, with events tailored to various seasons and cultural themes

Atmosphere & Crowd

Room 4 Resistance is celebrated for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The events attract a diverse crowd, including women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and allies. The collective’s focus on creating a safe space ensures that all attendees feel respected and free to express themselves. The venues are often decorated with colorful and artistic elements, enhancing the overall experience.

Music & Events

Room 4 Resistance hosts a variety of events, featuring both resident and guest DJs. The music is diverse, spanning several electronic genres with a strong emphasis on techno and house. Regular events include:

  • Club Nights: Held at various venues, these events feature a mix of local and international DJs, often highlighting underrepresented artists.
  • Themed Parties: Focused on specific cultural or social themes, promoting awareness and inclusivity.
  • Community Workshops and Panels: Discussions and workshops aimed at educating and empowering the community on issues such as gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and diversity in music.

Upcoming events for 2024 promise an exciting lineup with performances by artists like Deena Abdelwahed and Ariel Zetina, ensuring a vibrant and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Why Go There?

  1. Inclusive Environment: Experience a safe and welcoming space dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusivity.
  2. Diverse Music Lineup: Enjoy a mix of genres and performances by underrepresented and cutting-edge artists.

How to Get There

  • From the Nearest Airport (Berlin Brandenburg): Take the S-Bahn (S9) to Ostkreuz, then transfer to the appropriate line depending on the event venue.
  • From the Nearest Train Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof): Take the S-Bahn (S5, S7, or S75) to Ostkreuz, then transfer to the appropriate line depending on the event venue.
  • From the Nearest Metro Station (varies by venue): Most venues are within walking distance of nearby metro stations.

Room 4 Resistance offers a premier nightlife experience with its inclusive atmosphere, diverse music lineup, and commitment to social justice, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in Berlin’s club scene.


What is the minimum age for entry at Room 4 Resistance events?

  • The minimum age for entry is generally 18 years old. Make sure to bring a valid ID.

What is the dress code at Room 4 Resistance?

  • The dress code is casual and expressive. Attendees are encouraged to be themselves and respect others.

How much does it cost to get into Room 4 Resistance events?

  • Entry fees range from €10 to €20, depending on the event and venue.

What are the drink prices at Room 4 Resistance events?

  • Expect to pay around €3-€5 for a beer and €8-€12 for a cocktail.

What kind of music is played at Room 4 Resistance events?

  • The events feature a variety of electronic music genres, including techno, house, gqom, and more.

What are the opening hours for Room 4 Resistance events?

  • The events typically start around 11 PM and continue into the early morning hours.

Is there parking available at Room 4 Resistance events?

  • Yes, there is limited parking available nearby, but public transport is recommended.

How can I get to Room 4 Resistance from the airport?

  • From Berlin Brandenburg Airport, take the S-Bahn (S9) to Ostkreuz, then transfer to the appropriate line depending on the event venue.

When is the best time to visit Room 4 Resistance?

  • The events are popular year-round, with specific themes tailored to different seasons and cultural events.

Are there VIP areas at Room 4 Resistance events?

  • Room 4 Resistance events focus on inclusivity and egalitarian experiences, so VIP areas are not a typical feature.

Room 4 Resistance continues to be a cornerstone of Berlin’s inclusive nightlife, offering an exceptional blend of music, community, and activism.

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