JustMe Milan

Justme Milan stands as one of the best club in Milan, located in the heart of the city, near the iconic Torre Branca tower. Here is everything you need to know about JustMe Milan:

  • The club is a favorite among locals and international visitors, attracting a crowd that appreciates good music and a lively atmosphere.
  • Every night from 23:30, JustMe Milan transforms from a lively aperitif setting into a bustling dance floor, where the energy intensifies as DJs take the stage, dialing up the volume to deliver a mix of EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton.
  • The dress code at JustMe Milan leans towards the elegant, mirroring the club’s chic and stylish ambiance, making it a perfect representation of Milan’s sophisticated nightlife scene.
  • JustMe club is at about 8 minutes walk distance from Cadorna and 10 minutes from Lanza metro station.


Justme Milan, nestled near the iconic Torre Branca tower, is a hotspot in Milan’s nightlife, appreciated by locals and tourists alike for its up-scale atmosphere and quality music. As evening turns to night, the club shifts from a lively aperitif scene to a dynamic dance floor, pulsing with EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton. It’s a place where elegance meets excitement, reflected in the stylish dress code.


  • Prime Location: Nestled in the heart of Milan, near the famous Torre Branca tower, Justme stands out with its exceptional setting, offering easy access to one of the city's most lively areas
  • Elite Audience: Frequented by stylish people from around the globe, famous football players, and VIPs, Justme is the go-to spot for those looking to mingle with an upscale crowd​
  • Music Selection: Catering to diverse tastes, Justme features international DJs spinning a mix of EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton, ensuring that every night offers a new musical experienc
  • Outdoor Lounge Areas: The chill-out zones under the canopies offer a mellow fascination in the evening, perfect for guests preferring a quieter, more intimate setting​


Justme Milan offers a vibrant and electric atmosphere that caters to a chic and stylish crowd, including famous football players and VIPs. This fashionable venue, known for its breathtaking setting inside Parco Sempione at the foot of Torre Branca, is a magnet for those seeking elite nightlife experiences in Milan’s city center.


Music at Justme features a mix of EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton, played by top international DJs​.

Admission Details

Tickets Price Include

  • Access to the Event: Entry to Pachamama for the duration of the event you're attending.
  • Stay Duration: Freedom to enjoy the venue's offerings from opening to closing time on the day of your event.
  • VIP Options: For those booking VIP tables, this includes fast-tracked entrance, a reserved area, and the table minimum spend credited towards your bottle service.

Tickets Price Excludes:

  • Drink Prices: Individual drink purchases are separate from the entry fee, requiring additional payment.
  • VIP Table Service: The cost of VIP table or bottle service is not covered in the standard ticket price and involves additional charges for exclusive benefits.
  • Parking: No parking fees are included in the ticket price, with parking availability subject to nearby facilities.
  • Transport: The ticket does not cover transportation to or from Pachamama Paris, which must be arranged independently.
What is the location of Justme Milan?

JustMe is located in Via Luigi Camoens | Torre Branca, (20121) Milan

What are the opening hours of Justme Milan?

The club is open daily from 19:00 to 05:00

What type of music can I expect at Justme Milan?

Expect a vibrant mix of EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton, featuring top international DJs

Is there a dress code for Justme Milan?

While not explicitly mentioned, the club’s elegant atmosphere suggests a dress code ranging from smart casual to formal

How can I get to Justme Milan?

Located centrally in Milan, the club is easily accessible by public transport, taxi, or rideshare services

  • Via Luigi Camoens | Torre Branca, (20121) Milan
  • Open from 19:00 to 05:00,
  • Luxury nightclub
  • Up-scale atmosphere that attarcts chic and stylish crowd, including famous football players and VIPs
  • Features a mix of EDM, hip hop, and reggaeton
  • Generally around 20€ entrance fee / table options starting at 320€ (includes admission fee for 5 people and 1 bottle of champagne or spirit)
  • Smart Casual / Formal
  • Located in a prime area of Milan, easily accessible by public transport or taxi, with the club's central location ensuring convenient acces
  • No specific parking information provided; visitors are recommended to explore nearby public parking options or use public transportation due to the club's central location.
  • Year-round destination
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